blgkimya.comVisco-elastic properties of soft materi¬als like emulsions, gels, polymers etc... are analysed by Rheolaser Lab without sample modification or destruction. Measurement is performed in a glass cell and geometry configuration is not required.

The Horus enables to monitor the drying mechanism of mascaras and to tune the formulation in order to get the easiest product to apply, leaving no clumps.

One important property required for a gloss lipstick is the thixotropic effect: the lipstick has to be easy to apply on the lips but then regain its viscosity very quickly, not to flow away. The Horus can be used to find the right thixotropic agent to add in the formulation with the appropriate amount in order to have the best product.

Handheld NIR Spectrometer microPHAZIR and Raman Spectrometer Truscan are used for cosmetics raw materials identification, incoming material inspection, quality control & assurance. Its analysis time is nearly 3 seconds.