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Detergent (Tergotometer) Tests


The “Tergotometer” (or "Terg-o-tometer") is a versatile laboratory-scale multiple washing machine which simulates the action of eight miniature domestic washing machines within a single bench top instrument allowing eight samples to be processed simultaneously under identical conditions of speed, time and temperature.

Any number of variables can be tested in this manner: not only the temperature, agitation speed and test period but also composition of the wash solution, degree of water hardness, pH, bleach, etc.

Typical applications include:
-Evaluation of the effectiveness of soap, detergents, etc.
-Washability and colour fastness of fabrics and other materials
-Optimisation of temperature, speed and water hardness parameters
-Routine screening for dirt removal, brightening, softening, foaming, etc.

For comprehensive product details, specifications and part numbers, please download our Detergent Testing (Tergotometer) leaflet.