Novi Automation Systems



DecaVertus is a multiple Shake and fire system which has the identical shake and fire characteristics as Vertus, so it allows to transfer methods from one to the other. You can perform your ACIs, NGIs, DUSAs on Vertus and you can use DecaVertus as your high-throughput wasting machine.

Flexible – any pMDI, in-actuator or can-only. Precise control over all method parameters: Including angles, speeds, forces and pauses, Greatly reduced cleaning requirement – no clogging Independent airflow control at every channel. Airflow included – no external pump required. Easy to use Modern, slick and intuitive touch screen interface Easy to fit inhalers to the carriage and then click the carriage into the system. Wide range of shake speeds and firing forces available Up to 2 Hz at 180 degree shake Airflow up to 85 l/min per channel Up to 90 N (20 lb) firing force